At JINPAO, we take a holistic approach to building your device and equipment. From the design and manufacture of each individual part to the full assembly, you get a plug-and-play tested unit that you know will function as intended. Our expertise in a variety of technologies consolidates your supply chain and results in streamlined shipping, accounting and auditing functions for our customers. We provide a value-added assembly solution (included testing after integration) customized for your company’s needs:

  • Telecommunication Cabinets
  • Entertainment Products
  • Infrastructure Devices
  • IoT Devices
  • Kiosks terminals

JINPAO holds all the necessary equipment, machines and specialists for provide wide range of welding
methods and types, included robotic welding systems and 3D Laser welding. With the TruLaser system we
can change between cutting, welding, and laser metal deposition. Modular machine set up, as well as the
adjustment and retrofit options, enable us to ideally customize the machine to a changing production
environment and to react to changing customer requirements with flexibility.

TIG WeldingMax. 3.0 mm thick, Al Alloy & S.S.ISO4603, ISO15607, ISO15609NADCAP
Resistance Spot WeldingMax. 6.0 mm, Al AlloyNF L 06 383NADCAP
Robot Laser WeldingMax. 6.0 mm, S.S Max. 4.0 mm, Al AlloyAWS-D17.1 
Combination 3D Laser Cutting and WeldingMax. 6.0 mm, S.S Max. 4.0 mm, Al Alloy